Dozens of artists, both amateur and professional, generously donated artworks the size of a large postcard for us to auction on 28 October in aid of the fund to rebuild the cinema. Famous names included PHILIP HUGHES and RICHARD DEMARCO, and actress and screenwriter EMMA THOMPSON sent in a drawing to boost the sale (see above).

Mid Atholl Strings and Things entertained, David Leggat, Executive Chairman of United Auctions, presided over the sale of 171 works, and around £3,800 was added to the fund from the sale of the paintings alone - more when other contributions from the night are added in. Thanks go to the artists, to all the helpers who set up the cinema and manned the sale, and to all those who bid with verve. Thanks go too to Laurie Anne Carr, Principal Teacher of Art and Design at Breadalbane Academy, co-organiser and inspiration of the event.

Artist names - secret until after the sale - have been added to the gallery.

View the Auction catalogue here (1.7Mb).

Download the Gallery here (3.2Mb)