On 20 January 1939 the minute of a special meeting of the Town Council of the Burgh of Aberfeldy recorded the approval of a plan submitted by Strathmore Picture Houses Ltd ‘for the erection at the corner of Dunkeld Street and Chapel Street, a Cinema.’ To build it, three old houses were demolished and the 470-seat cinema was ready to be opened on July 3.

In his introductory words, Admiral Backhouse said that it was a ‘red-letter day’ for Aberfeldy, and that the new cinema would promote happiness for the people of the town and attract visitors for the neighbouring countryside. Mrs Haggart, wife of the Provost, performed the opening ceremony. At the end of her speech, poignantly, she reminded everyone that she and Mrs Backhouse required recruits for nursing services. The Second World War was less than two months away.

The cinema, with its happy memories of first dates and family outings, closed in the early 1980s, and ended up as an amusement hall, which in turn closed in 2004.

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